Land of Ancients







Land of Ancients is known for its story. Its a server that takes players on an adventure and challenges them from every angle along the way. Its not an easy server, its not a normal server, rather its one that puts every player to the test and brings minecraft to a whole new level of fun. It was the first of its kind to host epic scale events over 6 years ago and continues to make progress since then. Throughout the world you will find stories, legends and several quest chains. These help unlock new features such as gear, mechanics and dungeon access. As a player progresses, simply building your home is nothing more than a small hobby. Travel to new areas of the world and face some of the most challenging bosses, monsters, dungeons, mazes, quests and epic events that take place constantly on the server. Get your character geared to go into harder dungeons and make your way to the top of the food chain which will prove helpful when involved in a world event/conflict to get some serious in game loot and respect. You can sit back and play minecraft sure, but you can also go so much further. Become something bigger... Become something more.. Challenge yourself in the Land of Ancients minecraft server and have some fun!

Quests & Stories